Informational Events
  1. Thursday 14th January 2016
    M-Mark Research Meeting at Southampton University
    Andy and Ranj attended the launch of a new research into stroke rehabilitation assisted movement. Our very own David Pendreigh is the patient involved in this key research.
  2. Monday 18th January 2016
    PPI Members' Coffee Morning with Clinical Staff
    Jo and Ranj attended a PPI event in Portsmouth. There was discussion on what PPI means and how it works. Also there was time to give feedback on what could be improved.
  3. Monday 18th January 2016
    Charity Networking Event hosted by No Limits
    Jo and Ranj attended a charity networking event in Southampton. There were 5 charities in total including our own. This was a good event and there was some useful information. But I would have liked to have seen more charities attend.
  4. Thursday 21st January 2016
    Group Meeting Guest Speaker
    Ann-Marie Hughes and Kai (student) from the University of Southampton attended our group meeting. There was a demo of the research they are undertaking which is a form of wearable FES. For more details please contact Ranj Parmar.
  5. Thursday 28th January 2016
    Presentation to Marketing Students
    Jo Elliott and Ranj Parmar spoke to Solent University marketing students about Different Strokes Southampton. The aim is to try and get a feel for any other ways we can market ourselves. This meeting was set up via Louise Hunt, Marketing lecturer at Solent University.
  6. Friday 29th January 2016
    Helping a stroke survivor with equipment
    Ranj Parmar and Denise Shave presented some swallow equipment to a stroke survivor. Unfortunately, this stroke survivor cannot currently attend our meetings but is greatly appreciative of DS Southampton procuring this equipment for him.
  7. Thursday 2nd February 2016
    Supporting patients with long term conditions
    Andy Clay and Ranj Parmar attended the latest meeting of "Development of a menu of different health and wellbeing models to support patients with long term conditions". The online website is now finalised and our involvement was greatly appreciated.
  8. Wednesday 3rd February 2016
    Around The World In 8 Ways logo
    Jo Elliott, Andy Clay and Ranj Parmar met with 4 students studying Design and Graphics at Solent University. The goal was to create a logo for our Around The World In 8 Ways celebration of Different Strokes 20th anniversary. A combination of 2 designs was decided upon.
  9. Monday 7th March 2016
    Volunteer Coordinators Group Meeting at SVS
    Jo Elliott attending the latest VCG meeting hosted by SVS. It was a chance to network with other charities.
  10. Thursday 4th February 2016
    Healthwatch AGM
    Jo Elliott, Andy Clay and Ranj Parmar attended the Healthwatch AGM.
  11. Tuesday 23rd February 2016
    Meeting with Adult Services
    Jo Elliott, Andy Clay and Ranj Parmar had a meeting with Sally Anne and Mary Vincent from Adult Services to see how we could work better going forward and where DS Southampton could help with possibly funding rehab equipment.
  12. Thursday 25th February 2016
    SVS Funding Fair
    Jo Elliott, Andy Clay and Ranj Parmar attended SVS Funding Fair.
  13. Thursday 3rd March 2016
    Stroke Association MyStrokeGuide presentation
    Jo Elliott, Andy Clay and Ranj Parmar were invited to attend the launch of MyStrokeGuide, an online tool to help recovery and rehabilitation for stroke survivors. The presentation was aimed at Southampton CCG.
  14. Friday 8th July 2016
    UK Stroke Assembly South Conference
    Jo, Andy and Ranj attended the UK South Stroke Assembly conference in Swindon. It was a really interesting event with some interesting talks.
  15. Tuesday 12th July 2016
    Solent Research & Clinical Audit Conference
    Jo, Andy and Ranj attended the Solent Research conference. Ranj co-opened the conference with Solent Health's CEO. It was a great conference with alot of focus on making it far more accessible for PPI.